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Windows KB951748 security patch causes Internet connection problems.

Affected systems: Microsoft Windows XP with either Zone alarm firewall or Norton Internet security firewall & you connect to the Internet via router or ADSL modem

Symptoms: Cannot connect to Internet, browser will respond with an error, this occurs with all browers ie IE & FF & Safari.

Simple test: Entering the server IP address ie will successfully connect to Google, whilst entering the URL ie fails & gives the impression that local DNS resolution is not working correctly.

Possible cause: Windows update downloaded KB951748 (July 08) which has cuased problems with local DNS resolution

Solutions: Click Start, settings, control panel, add remove programs, scroll down the list to see if KB951748 is installed, if it is then remove it, re-boot & attempt connect to Internet with your web browser.

If you still cannot connect to the Internet then the problem is not associated with the KB951748 update.


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