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Arxceo Ally, the ultimate solution to protect your network at IP:

We're very proud to offer our clients what we believe is a ground breaking solution to network security in simplicity, value & functionality. But don't take our word for it, here's what Secure Computing SC Magazine said:

We we're amazed at what this little product could do and how strong it was. When it first arrived, we did not believe that this little piece of plastic could be a functional IPS. We were wrong!

The Problem:

  • 90% of those surveyed experienced security incidents in 2005 - FBI
  • 64% of these suffered a financial loss - FBI
  • Cyber crime has now outgrown illegal drug sales in annual proceeds - USA Today
  • It is difficult to gauge true numbers because many companies are unaware they've been hacked - USA Today
  • Criminally intent gangs develop new techniques with no known signature or 'zero day' attacks
  • High tech crime is rapidly becoming 'big business' according to BBC and many other security sites have similar reports
  • Your network and data may be vulnerable to reconnaissance, abuse or intrusion & prevention is more desirable than cure

Until recently security solutions were expensive but failure to implement the right solution can be very expensive. Devices can be difficult to set up and require ongoing management. We know because we've implemented & configured some of them.

The solution. The Ally IP100 is a network intrusion prevention appliance that stands out from the crowd for performance & value to compliment your existing firewall. It's an easy to install device that delivers a knockout blow to reconnaissance & attack!

  • Stops network reconnaissance
  • Prevents worm propagation
  • Enforces proper protocol use
  • Stops Denial of Service (DOS) attacks, DNS cache poisoning
  • Stops zero-day (no signature) attacks
  • Stops spoofed traffic and other malicious attacks from entering your network
  • Easy to install - Ally IP100 has a one-page 5 step simple quick start procedure

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It does an excellent job; it's simple to implement & provides a first class solution. Heres a brief on how it works:

  • Arxceo technology 'fingerprints' for security and granular identification of network behaviour
  • Arxceo appliance intercepts incoming ‘requests’ and answers for the destination…requesting identity
  • If the session continues, the Arxceo appliance ‘knocks on the destination door’, after making sure it’s not a DOS attack
  • In real time, the appliance learns that the destination does not exist and the request must be a scan or probe
  • Attacker is then stealth blacklisted

If your business is connected to the Internet, we believe you need the best protection available.

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SC Magazine gave Ally 100IP 6 stars for Features, Ease of use, Performance, Documentation, Support & Value The Ally IP100 performed way above our expectations. We were not able to penetrate either the test network or the device itself. After each test, we would remove our IPs from the blacklist, only to find ourselves blacklisted again on the next attack - full article here

Value for money is an expression hard to evaluate with IT but its something we strive for. The cost has to be evaluated against the consequences of failure or doing nothing. Hacking is rapidly becoming very organised & widespread with hacking tools available to almost anyone. We believe business operators need to take action to prevent intrusion, data loss or abuse. Consider domestic security, with a burglar alarm & two locks on your front door. Both provide different types of security and network security needs to be the same, layered approach to prevent attack.

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PC Pro were amazed this little device was compared with security devices costing a great deal more and equalled them!

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Tech WorldThe Ally’s job is to look at network traffic for anomalies, not worry about what it is protecting. Moreover, it does this without complex configuration or management – it works out the box – and the need to develop policies.

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