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NG Resources privacy statement


Domain Registration: The information you provide us, when registering your domains with NG Resources is passed to our registrar Tucows via the Fasthosts hosting service. To register a domain we have to collect this, because it is a legal requirement in registering your domain as stipulated by ICANN & Nominet.

Customer Information: We record our clients information locally, such as Name, Telephone number & Company address. We only use the minimum amount of information necessary & store the information in a strong encrypted vault protected by military grade encryption.

We do not: Pass, sell or abuse in any way any of the information you provide us with, other than is necessary for the legal requirements in registering your domain and conducting our business.

We do not: Send promotional or advertising information.

We do not: Send unsolicited e-mail.

We do:

1. Send our PDF invoice by email once your domain is renewed.

2. For clients with large numbers of domains, we may infrequently send a list of your domains with expiry dates to aid with management.

3. Contact you by email should we believe there may be a problem with your domain or if we believe the information we hold may have changed in order to keep our records up to date.

Our internal network: Is protected by a firewall with multiple nat translation and we use a layered approach to security which is reviewed. Our computers use the latest anti-virus and limit web browser scripting along with other programs to prevent malicious scripts, tracking or any other external interference.

We believe this keeps your private information safe and secure.

Customers who no longer use our services: We retain your information for a short period of time for accounting purposes, then anonymise your data.

For example: If Joe Blogs of J Bloggs & Co no longer requires our services, their record becomes: Ex customer 1 of Ex company 1.

After three years, all information is then removed.

Cookies: Our websites set a cookie to determine your browser type, we do not collect or use this information in any way at all.

If any of our customers wish to see exactly what information we store or have any other concerns then please do contact us.




Please note:  The information you submit is dealt with in confidence, used solely for the purpose of your submission and not passed to any third party.